mbl brown 1
Product Code: 002545
Price: $1,800.00

MBL Handbag crafted in the U.S.A. from exceptional materials

LOS ANGELES — Martioni Black Label is proud to announce the release of its latest limited release handbag, the MBL Handbag. Inspired by the Balenciaga Handbag’s curved lines and ergonomic handles but with improved design and an affordable price tag, the MBL is regarded as the perfect handbag for women everywhere. The MBL Handbag is made in the U.S.A., looks great on all body types and works with many different clothing styles, so it’s equally at home on a fancy dinner date or a casual shopping outing. 

Expertly crafted from lamb’s skin with silk lining, the MBL Handbag was designed with sophistication, glamour, luxury and high fabrication standards in mind, which are all hallmarks of the Martioni Black Label design brand. MBL believes that hand craftsmanship is a lost art, so the company, under the watchful eye of creative director Max Martioni, mingles old world trade secrets with fresh, tailored designs to create looks that are truly exceptional.

In addition, MBL takes pride in social responsibility, so they only use natural fabrication methods for a positive environmental impact. Each MBL Handbag comes with a 100-year warranty and is touted as a collector’s item due to the small production batches of each design.

Martioni Black Label is a stand-out design company, crafting handbags, designer jeans, comfortable tees and couture dresses that have turned heads on the Red Carpet. Their mission is to empower women to feel sexy and to stand out from the crowd in well-made, superior and elegant fashions.

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